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Our story

We started this journey with a singular focus in mind: making medical imaging scans easier for people to find, schedule, and understand.

In 2017, UK-based founders Dr. Khalid Latief, Mark Nissim, and Charlie Bullock built and launched scan.com, a web referral service that seamlessly connects patients to reputable, trustworthy scan centers near them. After over five years of helping patients tackle a major problem in the British healthcare landscape, the team is expanding its innovative solution to the United States.

The American healthcare system is fraught with insurance roadblocks, poor provider-to-patient communication, and logistical nightmares. This can make getting the medical care you need feel frustrating, exhausting, or impossible; medical imaging is no exception. That's not the way it should be, and scan.com wants to change it.

We believe booking an imaging scan should be a simple, stress-free, and transparent process. We've partnered with top-rated imaging centers to make it easy for you to connect with an imaging center and get the care you need, when you need it.

For our clients

What we want for you

It's our mission to make high-quality and affordable medical imaging accessible to everyone.

That's why we prioritize a simple scheduling process, cost transparency, and educating our customers

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Simple scheduling

Finding a scan center near you that fits your schedule and budget should be easy. With scan.com's search tool, you can choose a provider and book your appointment all in one place.

Cost transparency

Not many imaging centers are up-front about their pricing. That's why the imaging centers partnered with scan.com list all of their costs in one place, allowing you to compare your options before you book your appointment.


It's your right to understand your medical imaging options. Our online educational resources add transparency to your experience with the American healthcare system so you can navigate it with confidence.