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"Incredible service.I was worried about the costs because I didn't have health insurance, but I was pleasantly surprised. From paying online to consultation to scan and two days for findings, everything happened in a flash...."

— Katherine

"Incredible service from start to finish. I booked my scan on a Tuesday and by Friday afternoon I had the scan, results, and 2 telephone consultations with a doctor. The entire process put my mind at ease and I couldn’t rec..."

— Sophie

"Professional service at a reasonable price. I would without a doubt recommend this to my friends and family and will use it again if needed. I was told there was a four month wait on the NHS for an MRI scan. So I did some ..."

— David

"I was immediately put at ease by the staff member who talked me through the whole process.There was plenty of time for me to ask questions.The service I received and the follow up service was excellent."

— Christine Killen

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