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The team at partners with reputable medical imaging centers to streamline your scan scheduling experience. We help you quickly find a scan center that fits your needs, location, and budget.

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Learn about the medical imaging scans you can get and how they work.

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04 May 2022

What is tennis elbow? Tennis elbow symptoms, signs, & treatments

Lateral epicondylitis, also commonly referred to as tennis elbow, is a painful condition caused by trauma to the elbow or overuse of the elbow.1 This condition causes pain on the outside of the upper arm and near the elbow. Tennis elbow tends to occur because of repeated stress or trauma inflicted on the elbow’s tendons, which can sometimes result from repeated use of the forearm muscles.

The tendon that often contributes to tennis elbow pain is the extensor carpi radialis brevis tendon. This tendon may deve ... Read More


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The cost can vary by the type of scan you get. For example, MRI costs may vary from the price of an ultrasound, CT, or X-ray. Learn more about the cost of different diagnostic scans here.

When you search for a scan center near you, you’ll also be able to filter your search options by whether the imaging center accepts your insurance. You can also call the diagnostic scan center to confirm if your specific insurance policy will cover some or all of the cost of your scan. Find a diagnostic scan center now.

It depends on the type of scan you're getting and which body part you’re scanning. Learn more about each diagnostic scan and their processes.

For, there is no difference. We just want to help you find the right type of medical imaging scan for your individual needs. (For consistency, the site uses "scan" to refer to any type of medical imaging.) It's quick and easy to find a scan center near you using's scan search tool.

Choosing the right medical scan center can be difficult, but has made it easier for you to find the right place to get diagnostic and preventive scans. You’ll be able to filter your search by location, costs, insurance carrier, and more. Find your diagnostic scan center now.