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Quick, accurate, and affordable TBI assessments has partnered with BrainCussion to provide FDA approved imPACT testing for diagnosing traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussions

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Why should I order a TBI assessment via

There are approximately 200,000 brain injuries from car accidents in the US every year, and even mild TBI symptoms can seriously impact your clients' daily activities and quality of life.

Early diagnosis is key to maximizing treatment options and managing symptoms effectively. But, expensive consultations, traveling to to a clinic, and waiting anxiously for results are off-putting for patients.

That's why has partnered with BrainCussion, to provide fast and convenient at-home TBI assessments for your personal injury patients. The fees are paid directly out of your settlement, lowering out-of-pocket costs and barriers to care.


About 190 Americans died from TBI-related injuries each day in 2021


There were more than 214,000 TBI-related hospitalizations in 2020


Of patients with mild TBIs do not have a recorded diagnosis

We've partnered with BrainCussion

You can now book quick and easy TBI Assessments for personal injury patients via It's easy to refer clients for this test, which includes an online imPACT Concussion test, a neuropsychologist Telehealth consultation, and results delivered directly to your portal.


With rapid booking within 8 hours of your order, and results returned within 72 hours, you can speed up your patients' access to care.


The test is fully remote. Order online and your patients will complete the test and consultation from the comfort of their home, reducing stressful travel.


The imPACT test provides accurate evidence of a TBI diagnosis, is FDA approved, and is trusted by the U.S. Military and the NFL.


The entire test and report could cost as little a $3,000 paid directly from your settlement, versus $5,000 - $15,000 traditionally

What's included


A 20-minute online test that measures any reduction in cognitive function.

Telehealth session

With a board-certified neuropsychologist or neurologist trained in brain injury evaluation.

Accurate TBI report

Outlining diagnosis, impairment levels, and recommendations for further care.

How it works



Sign up to, or sign in to your account, and order a TBI Assessment online via your portal.



BrainCussion will contact the patient within 48 hours to schedule the online test and Telehealth session with a neuropsychologist.



The patient will undergo the imPACT Concussion Test, a 20-minute online test that measures any reduction in cognitive function.



The patient will receive a Telehealth session with a board-certified neuropsychologist or a neurologist to review their result.



Within 72 hours, you'll receive a report outlining diagnoses, impairment, and recommendations directly to your portal.


When should I order a TBI assessment?

BrainCussion helps your clients validate their injuries, and receive neurologist or neuropsychologist evaluation to help maximize their recovery.

However, the test is not designed for every personal injury or car wreck case that you see. Our TBI Checklist can help you decide whether a a patient may have a concussion and should have a TBI assessment.

This is based on their symptoms, from headaches and confusion to blurred vision or slurred speech, and a review of the impact they experienced.


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For Attorneys

Order TBI assessments for the evidence you need and pay for them out of your settlement.

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For Providers

You can order BrainCussion TBI via for your personal injury patients.

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"Incredible service. I was worried about the costs because I didn't have health insurance, but I was pleasantly surprised. From paying online to consultation to scan and two days for findings, everything happened in a flash..."

— Katherine


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