MRI scans near Columbus, Georgia

Diagnostic scan centers near Columbus, GA

Elena Amos Breast Care Center

1831 5th Ave
Columbus, GA 31904

Cost starts from $0.00
Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Hospital

710 Center St
Columbus, GA 31901

Cost starts from $733.00
St. Francis

2122 Manchester Expressway
Columbus, GA 31904

Cost starts from $933.00
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About MRI scans in Columbus, Georgia

MRI scans are noninvasive technologies used to produce 3D images of various parts of your body. Columbus, Georgia radiologists may use MRIs to conduct scans to detect abnormalities and create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. They may also use MRI scans as a prevention tactic for certain diseases.

Keep in mind that MRI scans and specialty scans may differ slightly in certain areas depending on your provider. For example, some MRI centers may offer stand-up MRI imaging, while other scan centers might not.

To learn more about MRI scans, visit’s MRI guide.

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You can find an MRI scan center near you by using Our search function gives you access to an expansive library of reputable MRI scan centers in your area. Our search tool helps you easily locate MRI scan centers and attain their contact information so that you can call to discuss if they are a good fit for your particular needs. To quickly find the Columbus, Georgia scan center fit for you, use’s scan search tool today.


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Columbus, GA MRI scans tend to fluctuate in price and prices will depend on your provider, whether you have health insurance, whether your insurance considers an MRI scan necessary for you, and much more. You can compare prices for Columbus MRI procedures by contacting your desired MRI scanning provider. You can also call your Columbus MRI center to verify your insurance benefits and determine the extent of your financial liability.

Yes, most Columbus MRI centers accept health insurance. Whether or not your insurance benefits will fully or partially cover your MRI scan will depend on various factors, including your particular insurance benefits, your needs, your scan center, and more.

Yes, some Columbus, Georgia MRI centers and radiology centers may offer same-day MRI appointments. However, this is not very common. Whether you are able to book and receive your MRI on the same day depends on the MRI center you choose and their availability. It is often best to be proactive about planning your MRI scan and schedule your MRI scan as soon as possible to allow for the possibility of busy provider schedules.


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