Mammography scans near Columbus, Georgia

Diagnostic scan centers near Columbus, GA

Elena Amos Breast Care Center

1831 5th Ave
Columbus, GA 31904

Cost starts from $0.00
Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Hospital

710 Center St
Columbus, GA 31901

Cost starts from $733.00
St. Francis

2122 Manchester Expressway
Columbus, GA 31904

Cost starts from $933.00
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About mammogram scans in Columbus, Georgia

Mammograms, or mammographies, are essentially X-ray scans of the breast. Mammograms are preventive tools that are essential for detecting breast cancer early, when it is often most treatable.

Mammograms use X-ray technology to take images of the breast. Doctors then use these informative images to diagnose, treat, and monitor the existence of any diseases, such as cancer. Your doctor may advise you to get an annual mammogram scan at your chosen mammogram center once you turn 40.

To learn more about mammogram scans and how they work, visit’s mammogram guide.

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You can find a mammogram scan center near you by using’s search tool. This innovative function gives you access to an expansive library of reputable mammogram scan providers in your area. You can easily find scan centers in Columbus fit for your payment method, location, and other personal needs by calling your top scan center picks from’s library of providers.

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Yes, many mammogram scan centers in Columbus, Georgia accept health insurance. However, there’s a chance that not every mammogram center you consider will accept your particular insurance plan, so make sure to call your desired provider as soon as possible to see whether your benefits will apply to their services. If you would like help locating a mammogram clinic near you, visit’s scan center search page.

The typical price for mammograms in Columbus, GA tends to vary depending on your chosen provider. Your cost may differ depending on whether you use health insurance to pay for your scan, as well. You can use’s search tool to find mammogram centers in your area. Be sure to contact your chosen scan center before receiving your scan to determine the full cost of your medical imaging scan.

Some Columbus, GA mammogram centers may offer same-day appointments, but scheduling availabilities vary between providers. The best way to know if your scan center can fit you in the same day you make the call to book your appointment is to ask your chosen scan center directly. Most people tend to schedule their mammogram appointments days, weeks, or sometimes even months in advance. To make sure you get an appointment for a mammogram when you need it, call your chosen provider as soon as possible.


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